HypnoBirthing Las Vegas Beginnings

Anne Swanson discovered HypnoBirthing when she began searching the internet for natural childbirth information during her first pregnancy. She was completely intrigued about the possibilities of birthing naturally with minimal to no discomfort.

As she continued to research HypnoBirthing, she became convinced that the philosophy was accurate. Why would conception and pregnancy be incredible, wonderful miracles only to have the final phase of that miracle be painful and agonizing? She determined that there was a better way and she found it.

HypnoBirthing – the Mongan Method provided the philosophy, information and methodology that is missing in standard childbirth education. It only took one session of HypnoBirthing for her to be absolutely convinced of the method. 

Her first daughter’s birth was incredible. She experienced no discomfort and was completely involved in that final phase of the miracle of life. 

Her daughters birthing day was not only a celebration, it was a life-defining moment. Because of that experience, she determined that she needed to make a life change. She gave up her position as a Chief Chemist in the cosmetic and personal care industry and became a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and founded HypnoBirthing Las Vegas in 2003.  

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Annes first daughter’s birth story was shared with American Babyreaders (November 2006).

Here is an article Anne wrote about Trusting Your Body.