Pregnancy/Parenting & Local Resources

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True Health Acupuncture- Dr Angela Nation

Lisa Matthews


Breast Crawl

Well Rounded Momma- Rory Solomon 725-333-9266

Jefferyanna Nelson-Southwest Birth Partners 702-245-9100

Kijiji Sisterhood

Advanced Breastfeeding Support of Las Vegas

Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition

Angel Breast Pumps 

La Leche League 


Well Rounded Momma

Evidence Based Birth

Choices in Childbirth

Citizens for Midwifery

Childbirth Connection 

North American Registry of Midwives


Birth Tub Rental/Waterbirth

Well Rounded Momma Birth Tub Rental

Your Water Birth: Tub Purchase & Liners 

Waterbirth International

Breech Birth/Optimal Fetal Positioning

Chiropractic, The Webster Technique- Dr Shadia Koury 702-567-5433

Spinning Babies: Optimal Positioning

Coalition for Breech Birth 

My Breech Baby

Chiropractic / Craniosacral (CST)

Dr. Shadia Khoury

Dr. John Wise

Dr. Sondra Catania


Kaleigh Mancha

Maternal Minds Counseling 

Ashley Brown, Endurance Counseling 702-907-3415

Polly Weinstein- Stardust Psychotherapy 725-527-5915

Postpartum Support International 

Life Bridge Kids

Inspired to Shine- Erica Zaldivar


Well Rounded Momma

Jefferayanna Nelson 702-245-9100

Edna Martin (725) 260-4911

Ali Connelly 702-286-5590

Lexi Reed 775-720-3768

Jillian Young 702-409-4311

Tori Hinkle 702-281-5056

Alyson Mancini @alyson_doula_care

Postpartum Doulas

Jordan Fullow

Melissa Branch

Ashley Towns

Mariah Hills

Postpartum Doulas

Cord Blood Banking

CryoCell International 


My Fertility Friend – Fertility Charts

Garden of Fertility Charts & Books

Natural Fertility and Wellness


Fitness Classes @ Well Rounded Momma

Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas

Liz Henderson

Ilona Luff

Gynecologists & OBs

Martha Drohobyczer, MSN, CNM (702) 365-9929

Alternatives for Women

Dr. Steven Harter MD (702) 255-3547

Dr. Timothy Sauter MD 702-914-6900

Desert Perinatal Associates Dr Paul Wilkes

Charlene Hanna-Manfull, APRN, NP, CNM​

Holly Howell


Sarah Sorvillo – Certified Herbalist

Amy Barilla Pediatric Reiki


Well Rounded Momma


​Sherry Hopkins, CPM

Tiffanie Gonzales, CPM

Tori Hinkle

Emily Encinosa

Kyla Groneman

Cora Williams

Well Rounded Momma

Cassie Franco, CPM

Erica Delmore

April Kermani, CPM

Serenity Birth Center

Margie Dacko

Marvelys Lopez, CPM

Newborn/Post Birth

Cord Clamping

Eye Drops for Baby

Vitamin K shot

HepB Vaccine

Ask Dr Sears


Herbally Grounded 

Las Vegas Farmers Markets 

Weston A Price Foundation 

Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

Parenting Resources/Childcare

Dazzle Daycare In Home Daycare 702-630-1109


Newborn Sleep-Dr James McKenna

Sleep Consultant: Christine Stevens

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Nanny’s & Granny’s

Artsy Nannies

Happy Kids Las Vegas (Child, Senior & Pet)


Dr. Joseph W. Johnson MD (702) 565-8911

Dr. Sanford White MD (702) 951-3400 

St. Rose Pediatrics

  – Dr. Diane S. Goebel, MD

  – Dr. Rosemary Hyun, Dr. Heath

  – Hodapp, Dr. Kenneth Misch 

Dr. Edmund L. Faro, MD (702) 685-5543

Dr. Dennis R. Moore Jr (702) 614-5437

Pediatric Dentists

Dr. Ashley Hoban

Dr. Tara


Amanda Westmoreland 720-891-9991

Lacey Spencer IG @laceyspencerphotography

Heather K Photography

Placenta Encapsulation

Well Rounded Momma

Placenta Benefits 


Local Postpartum Support Groups

Postpartum Support International 


Well Rounded Momma

Herbally Grounded

Kerry’s Herbals

Mountain Rose Herbs

As They Grow 

Lovebug Baby 


Baby’s First Image

Miracle in Progress

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Childbirth Connection

VBAC Facts

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Birth Without Fear