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From Kayla and Baby Jordan….

Baby Elijah’s Birth Story

Contributed by Montana Wooden, Happy HypnoBirthing Mama~September 2016

For me, childbirth was something that was drenched in fear. Finding out I was pregnant was exciting, yet terrifying at the same time. It wasn’t being a mother that scared me, it was the birth. I truly believe that knowledge gives you power and this was true about hypnobirthing. Desperate to feel secure about the inevitable, I took on of my friends advice to do hypnobirthing classes. On the fence about hypnobirthing? Don’t be. After much research I felt this was the best option for me and my family. After the first class, I immediately had most (if not all) of my fear and anxiety relinquished and felt that I could not only go through the birth process, but could rock it!

Hypnobirthing gave me the platform, education and most of all confidence to have a birth the way I wanted. There are options that are out there to do a birth your way- feel empowered to do it how you envision it. By applying knowledge from the class’s, I felt so empowered as a women, but most importantly as a new mother to make the choices I wanted to bring my baby into the world. This feeling was immeasurable.

Feeling so confident about the ability to birth how I wanted, at 30 weeks I switched from a Doctor to a midwife and planned for a home water birth. Everything finally felt right, because this was the plan that was best for me and my family. After taking the hypnobirthing course, my husband was not first on board with a doula, but after having the opportunity for Mandie to be our doula (and it being our first birth), we wanted to be overly prepared for whatever should happen.

Fast forward to the night of my birth. My labor and delivery from start to finish was 2 1/2 hours. Mandie was in contact with me all day, checking in on me and being a confidant when I was unsure if I was in early labor or not. The moment my water broke, everything happened so fast. Contractions were happening non stop and there was no sign of slowing down. Mandie came right when my husband wanted her to, though I felt it was too early even though I needed extra help. From the moment she walked in, she was so strong and focused and did not waver until the moment she left. The spirit of my home was lifted from her presence because my mom and husband felt such security the moment she attended to me. Her voice, touch and spirit was pivotal to the success of my labor. Little did we know that Mandie confidently would deliver my baby in under an hour after her arrival. Since my labor was so rapid, there was no time to wait for my midwife. There was never a second that I did not doubt the capability of delivering my baby with Mandie, without medical trained staff, because of the prepared mindset that I had from classes, visualizations, techniques and imagery cultivated by Mandie and HypnoBirthing.

At 11:27 PM my healthy, baby girl was brought into the world. Mandie and my husband successfully delivered my child and my midwife walked in as soon as my baby hit my chest. Without the support of Mandie and
HypnoBirthing, I could not have had such a powerful, positive birth given the unknown circumstances. With labor, you can not plan for everything; but by taking the class’s I was able to meet the circumstances that were dealt with trust, peace and confidence.  

No words can ever express the gratitude I have for Mandie and the techniques of
HypnoBirthing. My life, my daughters life and my families life will forever be changed in the best way. My birth was nothing short of a miracle and could not be more thankful!!

“I credit my wonderful home birth experience to the knowledge and tools we learned in Mandie Medford’s Hypnobirthing Class. My husband was a lot more relaxed about the idea of having a home birth and was the best support I could ever ask for during my labor. Thanks to Mandie’s lesson on hip counter pressure, we used that the whole labor, my husbands hands/wrists were so tired by the time our son was born. He mentioned he could feel our baby coming down the birth path through my hips. So glad I found Mandie’s class, we enjoyed every minute. She’s a great teacher and really knows her stuff! My whole labor went by so fast and easy thanks to the visualizations and breathing techniques, they helped me tremendously. Can’t wait to have my next birth at home too, it’s the only way I would want to give birth now. “~Jen Rommel, 2019

More Testimonials

“Thank you so much for all you taught us. I was able to have the natural home birth that I wanted! Except maybe I was too relaxed and didn’t realize I was already dilated to a 10 by the time I called the midwife. So I didn’t get to blow up my birth tub for my water birth. As soon as she got to my house I knelt on a pillow by the couch beside the Christmas tree and made it happen.” ~ Jessica  Kelsey

“I finally went to Mandie when I was having my fifth baby. And even though I felt like I knew what I was doing by then, she taught me so much about responding to my body instead of the nurses. Even though I had a few complications and it didn’t go exactly as I wanted, it was by far the quickest actually “Birth” as far when it came time to push. We are trying for another and If I’m blessed with #6 I’ll for sure use her again. If not I’m blessed I was taught by her for #5!” ~Emily Pangelinan

“When my wife got pregnant we realized that we had no idea what to expect during birth, let alone how we would like our baby to come into the world. We were referred to Mandie and HypnoBirthing through a friend and it completely opened our minds to the birthing experience. We now have a beautiful baby boy. Our birthing experience with HypnoBirthing was great. Mandie is a great teacher who really made a difference with our pregnancy. While my wife gave birth without drugs, if you choose the route of medical assistance the knowledge gained from taking the HypnoBirthing class would be invaluable. I highly recommend the class to any expecting families. Thanks Mandie!” ~ Tomlin Morgan

“HypnoBirthing helped immensely in prepping for the delivery of my first baby. I was prepared with all the knowledge and tools to make my birthing experience a positive and safe one. I felt fully confident and well prepared! I learned so much about not only pregnancy and birth but also breastfeeding and postpartum care! Mandy is the best instructor and makes you feel at ease from minute one. I highly recommend the HypnoBirthing class to anyone who is expecting!”~Dani Esler

“I was traumatized and scared from my first birth experience, an all natural, at-home with midwife, sleepless 48-labor with transfer to the hospital + epidural; all that work accompanied by serious post-partum depression. When I became pregnant with our youngest, this was my second chance to heal that emotional pain! Mandie provided the knowledge, expertise, truth, tenderness & absolute support my husband and I BOTH needed to achieve our birth wish! Our second was born in the hospital, I labored at home and arrived 9cm (surprise!) dilated and naturally birthed him in the post-op hallway (triage was full!). The nurses still talk about what a beautiful, natural birth it was and the healing we enjoyed is priceless. Thanks to Mandie & Hypnobirthing, we will be forever grateful.” ~Desiree Solis