The HypnoBirthing Advantage

HypnoBirthing : Philosophy of Birthing

The HypnoBirthing® philosophy is based on the belief that birth is normal, natural, and healthy; that birth is not a medical event. It’s based on the belief that birthing is about mothers, fathers, and babies–not science, anatomy, doctors, nurses, or hospitals. It’s based on the belief that families’ rights and wishes to bring their babies into the world in a calm, gentle way should be respected and facilitated. The HypnoBirthing® method is based on the belief that when a woman is given the proper preparation for childbirth, she and her birthing companion can experience a safe, serene, and satisfying birthing, free of the fear that causes tension and labor pain. It’s about making birthing “better natured” for women and their babies.

The Advantages of HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method

It gives you the essentials of pregnancy and birth information and focuses heavily on building up the positives of birth, your ability to give birth safely and gently, and releasing fears and limiting thoughts you have about birthing.

It teaches very effective relaxation techniques, which allows women to give birth more comfortably and easily. Some women have painless births using the techniques, although HypnoBirthing doesn’t promise pain-free birthing.

No matter what turn your birthing takes, your HypnoBirthing skills allow you to stay calm and focused on your baby. It allows you to give your baby the safest and most gentle birth possible.

HypnoBirthing helps you learn how to create the birth that you want rather than the birth others may expect you to have.

Because HypnoBirthing moms are so relaxed, their labors are often shorter.

It is compatible with mothers who are open to using medication or who have already decided that they want medication at a certain point; HypnoBirthing helps them labor more comfortably until they can receive medication or it can be used as a “back-up” plan.

HypnoBirthing emphasizes bonding during the pregnancy and birth and acknowledges that babies are aware even before they are born.

It can be done with a birth companion or alone.

Breech presentations are less common with HypnoBirthing moms due to their frequent relaxation sessions and visualization of optimal fetal positioning; if a baby is breech, hypnosis can be used to safely turn the baby.

Due to deep relaxation, HypnoBirthing moms experience fewer labor and birthingcomplications and easier resolution in the event of complications.

It allows moms to be awake, refreshed, and energized.

It creates a calm, peaceful birthing environment.

HypnoBirthing results in happy parents who experience a serene, joyful birthing rather than a tense, stressful ordeal.